BISTOON Fireplaces

Additional Information:

Volts AC 220V/50Hz
 Watts  2000W
 Low Heat  1000W
 High Heat 1000W
 No Heather  6W
 Lamps LED
Rotor Motor AC 220V/50Hz 4W
 Box Size  100x50(cm)



The popular Ambiance M120x60 BISTOON electric fireplace offers the ultimate combination of versatility and design. It can be mounted directly onto the wall or easily recessed into any wall for a flawless custom finished look. Choose from our multiple options to compliment your decor This size is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, office, and more.

  • Recessed or wall mount installation
  • Recesses into any wall
  • Selectable Flames Color
  • Selectable Firewoods & Stones
  • Low energy LED flame technology
  • Unsurpassed Realistic Flame Patter
  • Hi-tech touch screen controls
  • NEW Sleek remote control
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • Variable heat with Thermostat and Variable Flame
  • Do it yourself installation instructions (included)


Take a BISTOON Fire place Today & Enjoy