BISTOON Fireplaces

History of establishment of Bistoon Fireplaces:

Bistoon Fireplaces Industrial Group Ltd with management of Mr Hojjat Hasanzadeh began its activities in 1379 to produce , distribute ,  import and export of electric and gas fireplaces . Finally on 1390 with Registering the  ' Bistoon Yanarojag Tabriz ' to Bistoon Brand founded its activities in the production of electrical and electronic fireplaces and Officially continued its activities under this company .

Bistoon Fireplaces Industrial Group Convinced to diversify the product meets customer requirements in the first phase to produce modern and classic electric fireplaces , utilizes specialized facilities and Professinal workers and Can produce all kinds of modern and classic  of walls and floors electric and gas fireplaces and Due to a long history of production as the first manufacturer of smart modern and classic  , electric and gas fireplaces in Iran.

Bistoon Fireplaces Industrial Group from the begining adobted design and production of premium products throughout Iran and world policy and gain special reliability of  final consumers fastly  with Efforting to maintain and increase quality.

here we  reference to important points about the Bistoon fireplace of the following:

  • having new and modern monopoly models and design and more than 80 Electric models.
  • Coupled with a 36 month warranty only unconditional, switching and service after sale to Iran.
  • The only manufacturer of glass-sided fireplace, three-way, four way (fireplace in the middle), corner models in type of gas and electricity.
  • only manufacturer of Special fireplaces with specific mechanism.
  • the only manufactur of custome-sized and custom-flame color of electric fireplace selected by customers.
  • The only manufacturer of cast iron fireplaces Electric in a variety of firewood in Iran. - High-strength cast iron long life of wooden frames.

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